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Arrest information for Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles:
The Los Angeles County Jail Systems holds the title of the largest penal system in the country, overseeing more than 20,000 inmates a year and at any given time transporting more than 1.6 million prisoners between the county’s 44 court houses and its jails. In 2012 there were 111,462 adult arrests made by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department alone (most updated). The previous arrest records do not even include the other arrests made by other policing agencies in the county, such as the city of Los Angeles. The Federal Bureau of Investigations’ most recent report is 2010 and states that total arrest for Los Angeles County is 363,182; this does not even include juveniles which are not privy to bail. The Los Angeles Police Department reports a total of 109,250 total arrests for 2010; these are the latest arrest numbers for Los Angeles City.

With so many arrests there is no wonder why there are so many choices in bail bonds within the county of Los Angeles. Below are some key facts as what to expect when being arrested in the county of Los Angeles as well the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Sheriff is lead policing agency within the county of Los Angeles, with 24 stations throughout 3 divisions and fourth separate division for homeland security.

Most Los Angeles County Sheriff stations do have holding facilities (jails) and those who do not will transfer inmates to surrounding stations or directly to the Los Angeles County Jail otherwise known as the twin towers or Men’s Central Jail.

The Los Angeles Police Department, more popularly known as the LAPD, has a total of 21 stations throughout 4 bureaus. Currently in the Los Angeles Police Department there are only 3 main jails, which are the following:

1. Metropolitan or Central, some still may call it Parker Center which is the former headquarters of the LAPD 215 e. 6th st. los Angeles, Ca. 90014
2. Van Nuys 6240 Sylmar Ave Van Nuys, Ca. 91401
3. 77th 7600 S. Broadway Los Angeles, Ca. 90003

There are two other smaller jails within the city none of which hold females, if you are a female arrested within the city of Los Angeles than will have to go one of the three main jails listed above. Due to cutbacks the only two other LAPD stations the house mail inmates temporarily are the following:
1. Hollywood 1358 N. Wilcox Ave Hollywood, Ca. 90028
2. Pacific 12312 Culver Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90066
After court all inmates, who are not scheduled to be released, will be transferred to the Los Angeles County jail @ 411 Bauchet St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90012

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