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Arrest isn’t something people plan for. When it does happen, it often comes as a surprise and the individual often has little experience with the police, courts or the criminal justice system. The many cases, the first concern of anyone who’s been arrested has to do with jail. How long will they be there? How will an extended stay in jail will affect their personal lives? Finding a bail bond company you can trust, like Redondo Beach Bail Bonds, is an important step to answering those questions and putting the individual’s mind at ease.

Dealing with the criminal justice system is a process most people do not think about. However, it is important to understand the different steps as it applies to bail. After someone is arrested, they are booked. In cases involving minor crimes, the person accused of the crime will be given the opportunity to post bail once they are entered into the system. However, if the charges are serious, bail will be discussed during arraignment (in which the individual pleads guilty or not guilty), which usually takes place within 48 hours of arrest.

If the individual can post bail, they will be released and required to make appearances as required by the court. They will be able to spend time with their families, return to their jobs and continue with their lives, at least until their court date. If bail isn’t met, they will wait in jail until their court date.

Bail amounts can go up to seven figures. While there are some individuals who can afford to pay their own bail, most people need to utilize the services of a bail company, like Redondo Beach Bail Bonds.

Bail bonds in Redondo Beach, with the help of insurance companies, write "surety bonds." These bonds ensure the court in that in the event an individual doesn’t show up to court, the court will be paid the full amount of the bail. The bail company charges the individual, or the individual’s representative, a percentage of what the bond is worth and usually, some sort of collateral.

A bail company should also explain their part in the criminal justice process to anyone involved who has questions. They should also treat the accused party with respect, as anyone charged with a crime should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Redondo Beach Bail Bonds knows it’s not just getting people out of jail, it’s helping people get on with their lives.