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There’s some things people in Culver City don’t think about too often — either because they don’t think it’ll happen to them or because thinking about it is stressful. Most people don’t think about arrest for both of those reasons. However, if it does happen, many people are caught off guard. When you or someone you love is incarcerated, getting out of jail is of utmost importance.

If bail can’t be met, the arrested individual will face months of being imprisoned while waiting for their trial date to arrive, even if they’re innocent of the charges filed against them. Their personal relationships, professional endeavors and work will all suffer while they wait for their date. Being in jail puts a strain on marriages, most employers will not be able to keep someone on their payroll while they’re in jail and clients will find other vendors who can take care of their business in a timely manner rather than waiting.

But when can you post bail? In the cases of some minor crimes, individuals are arrested and booked — their fingerprints are taken, the police take a mug shot and their charges are entered — and they will be given the opportunity to post bail. In the case of more serious crimes, the arrested party will be arraigned by a judge within two days of arrest. At that time, the person will be able to state that they’re guilty or innocent and the judge will set a bail amount.

If bail can be met, the individual will be able to return to their home in Culver City until the court date. They’ll have the time to spend with their family, return to work and put their affairs in order. If they can’t meet bail, they’ll have to wait in jail until the trial date — which in many cases is months after arraignment.

Bail amounts vary according to the crime. For example, bail recommendations in Los Angeles can range from $25,000 for perjury, $100,000 for manslaughter and $1,000,000 for kidnapping with intent to rape. While very few people have the resources to post bail without any help, most people use the services of a bail bond company like Culver City Bail Bonds.

Bail bond companies charge a percentage of the bail amount and take collateral against the bail amount. In return, they promise the court that the person arrested will make their trial date. This promise is backed up by a "surety bond" issued by an insurance company. If the person doesn’t make their date, the bond will pay the bail amount in full.

Remember that the criminal justice system sees everyone as innocent until proven guilty. Pick a bail company, like All American Bail Bonds located in Culver City, that will treat you with respect and answer all your questions.