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When someone is arrested, they will have a set bail amount that they must pay in order to be released.

Please note: The Bail amount is based on the alleged act. The actual dollar amount is in the bail schedule which is written by the county of Los Angeles courts system and not by the Downey police department jailors.

The person who is bailed will remain out on bail until their case is concluded. Most of the time, the bail will be more money than the defendant can come up with, though they may need to get out of jail so they can go back to work or take care of their family. They will often hire a bail bondsman, who is able to put up the bail money while taking a state regulated percentage.

Paying a bail bondsman will usually mean a fee that is 10% of the bail amount. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the case. The bondsman will put up the bail in the form of a surety bond ensuring the defendant will return to court each and every court date. Once the trial is over, the bondsman bond will be exonerated, if the defendant shows up in court.

If the defendant does not show up in court, a fugitive recovery agent (bounty hunter) may be hired to find them. The bail bondsman will often have a house or other personal property kept as collateral until the bail is paid and the bond is exonerated.

Paying bail or hiring a bondsman can be very risky. Do not get involved unless it is for a very close friend or family member; be sure that you trust the person you are bailing out. If you do put up personal property or real property as collateral, and the defendant fails to appear in court, than your property can be immediately converted to cover the loss.

It is crucial that nothing is signed before you understand exactly what could happen to you and your money. In many cases, it might be wiser to allow the person to stay in jail while you hire a reliable attorney.

We always tell our clients “If you have a choice between a bondsman and an attorney than go with an attorney."

Downey, California

Residents of Downey, California have the right to use a bail bond to get a friend or family member out of jail. The city is located southeast of Los Angeles, and renowned for being the site of the startup of the Apollo space program.

The Columbia Memorial Space Center is a hotspot for kids and adults to learn more about the history of spacecraft’s and space exploration. Tickets are just 5 bucks, with a yearly pass priced at just 30 bucks, less than the cost of a daily pass for most museums.

The exhibits are no less than state-of-the-art, including a flight simulator and an airplane designer. Visitors are encouraged to try on a spacesuit and commemorate the lost lives of the Columbia space shuttle incident in which seven lives were lost.

The oldest living McDonald’s restaurant is still running in Downey, now with a gift shop and small museum about the history of the famous fast-food chain. Downey is also home to the very first Taco Bell restaurant ever built in 1962.

Downtown Downey’s Farmer’s Market is a favorite grocery shopping location for residents, though it is only open on Saturday mornings. It is the place for residents to get local foods and support the town’s economy.

The Downey Civic Theater is a rich source of culture in the city, hosting many operas, orchestras, and theatrical performances. Comedies and dramas are open to people of all ages.