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As one of the most populated cities in California, Lakewood has some ofthe best bail bond companies in United States. When one of your family members or friends gets in trouble and arrested by police official or Lakewood sheriff, All American Bail Bonds is the one you should depend on. 

When a person is arrested and sends to a holding facility (ex. Lakewood Police Station Jail), a judge can either free the defendant or set a bail amount during the arraignment.Bail is set so the arrested person is discouraged to flee trial. Depends on the severity of the case and past arrest history of the defendant, the bail amount varies. It can be high as much as in millions of dollars, and as low as in couple hundreds of dollars. 

What’s a bail bond? 
When the bail amount is low and the arrestee can afford it, he can put up the whole bail amount to court. Bail is then returned to the defendant after the case is closed. Forms of bail accepted by court system usually are cash, postal money order, and traveller’s check. Another bail option is putting up one’s property as bail. Property bail can be quite complicated thus consult with your lawyer first before deciding on putting up your property as bail. 

What happens if the family and the arrestee can’t afford to pay bail? 
They can go to a bail bond company, such as All American Bail Bonds, for help.Instead of paying the full amount, the defendant can get out jail with a very small fee. In California, most bail bond companies charge between 10% and 15% of the whole bail amount. For example, if the bail is set at $15,000, the person only needs to pay $1500 premium to the bail bond company and the arrested person can be out of jail within one hour. Unlike bail, the $1500 bond fee is not refundable. 

If a friend or a family member decides to bail out the defendant, that individual becomes the co-signer of the bail bond contract.The indemnitor will face all financial consequences if the arrestee fails to appear in court. The co-signer is also responsible for other bail bond related expense, such as travel expense.

How does bail bond work?
When you contact a bail bond company, such as All American Bail Bonds, the company staff members will gather all kinds of information about the defendant to determine the risk factor. If the bail bond service considers the defendant has low flight to escape bail, the company will put up all the money for the defendant’s release.

What happens if the defendant refuses to go to court?
If the person awaits trial cannot be located for any reason, the bail bond company will hire bounty hunter to capture the escapee. A judge will issue an arrest warrant and police department will dispatch officers to arrest the fugitive. If the person or his family member post property bail, those properties will foreclose.

Lakewood, CA
Whether you are in town for business or personal enjoyment, Lakewood, California has all you need. From giant Lakewood Center Mall to Pan American Fiesta, Lakewood has fabulous entertainment and outdoor activities for old and young. 

A few miles away from Long Beach, Lakewood is also a nice place for great food.  When visiting Lakewood, California, you certainly don’t want to miss the East Side Mario’s Restaurant.  Another good spot for dining with friends is George’s Greek Café.