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Bail bound amounts, even for minor charges, can sometimes seem insurmountable for those with regular jobs. However, bail bondsmen like All American Bail Bonds are there for those who have been charged and who have had their bail set.

In many cases, individuals seeking out a bail bond company have never had any experience with bail and need to have the process explained to them.

The criminal justice system can be an intimidating and frightful process. Once someone’s been arrested, they face booking and, in some cases, arraignment, where bail will be set. If bail cannot be met, that individual will have to wait for their case to be heard in jail. Obviously, this puts a hardship on someone’s personal life. Arrangements need to be made for children to be taken care of, as well as family members who may need additional help. In many cases, strains will be put on one’s professional life as well. Not many employers are able to accommodate someone who can’t show up for work while waiting for their court date and whose future is in doubt.

Bail amounts escalate with the severity of the crime an individual is accused of. In Los Angeles bail recommendations range from $25,000 for perjury, $100,000 for manslaughter and $1,000,000 for kidnapping with intent to rape. Those charged of less serious crimes are usually able to post bail after being booked. Those who are alleged to have taken part in more serious crimes are usually arraigned within 48 hours during a hearing with a judge.

Bail bond establishments issue a "surety bond" backed by an insurance company. This bond ensures the court that in the event the individual doesn’t show up for trial, the insurance company will pay the entire bail amount. Bail bond companies charge a percentage of the bail and often require some sort of collateral. (Remember that in many cases, bail amounts can range from five to seven figures.)

When selecting a bail bond company, the person being charged is innocent until proven guilty. Charges are not convictions and a bail bond company should treat their customers with respect. Manhattan Beach Bail Bonds keeps this in mind with everyone it works with and explains its part in the process.

All American Bail Bonds helps customers to have their fair date in court, while being able to spend time with family and friends, continue to work and, if needed, put their affairs in order.