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Being arrested makes one wonder about many things. What happens to my family? Will my job still be there? What about my bills? While the final outcome of a trial depends on many factors, securing your release after arraignment through bail is an important step to being with your family and returning to work instead of sitting in a jail cell and waiting for your court date. Knowing about bail and choosing the right bail company, like Torrance Bail Bonds, is extremely important for anyone that’s been arrested.

Many have never had any experience with bail or the criminal justice system. To anyone who has little contact with the process, it can be intimidating and terrifying, because of the potential for fines and incarceration. Following arrest, individuals are booked by the police. In some cases, such as minor offenses, that person will be given the opportunity to post bail (and released) shortly after being booked. However, for other, more serious offenses, the individual will have to face a judge during an arraignment hearing where bail will be set. These hearings usually take place within two days of being booked.

If bail can’t be posted, the person who’s arrested will have to wait in jail until their case goes to trial. This could take months. In the meantime, they’re cut off from their family, children, source of employment or their business.

Bail amounts are often set at anywhere from six to seven figures, making the prospect of putting up the money to be released daunting. While some very well to do individuals have the means to pay for bail without any outside help, most need the help of a bail company like Torrance Bail Bonds.

Torrance Bail Bond companies have relationships with insurance companies. These insurance companies issue "surety bonds" to bail companies, which will pay the entire amount of the bail if a person doesn’t show up for their court date. The bail companies charge a percentage of the bail, and will often require collateral of some sort.

A Torrance bail company should not only provide the bond to get someone out of jail, it should also be respectful of the situation the person is now in. No one is presumed guilty and should be presumed innocent. Torrance Bail Bonds will explain the bail process to you and your family.