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If you found yourself in jail, or if someone called you from jail, would you know what to do? Would you know who to call to bail yourself or someone you love out? Most people who live in Venice California don’t know much about bail or what it means to someone in the criminal justice system. If you, or someone you love, requires the services of a bail company, find a company, like Venice Bail Bonds, that will answer your questions. Being arrested or knowing someone who’s been arrested is stressful and not something most people have any experience with.

But what happens after arrest? In most cases, law enforcement will take the arrested party to a police station where they’ll be booked, or entered into the system. They’ll have their fingerprints taken, photos taken and they’ll have their charged entered. If that person is accused of a minor crime, they’ll often have the option of bailing out after being booked. If the crime is of a serious nature, they’ll have to wait for an arraignment hearing to have a judge hear their plea (guilty or not guilty) and have their bail set. An arraignment hearing may take place up to two days after arrest.

Bail allows the arrested party to return to their homes in Venice CA until their court date. They’ll have time to spend with their family, attend to personal affairs and return to work or their business. If bail is not met, the person who is arrested will have to wait in jail until their court date — and it could take many months for a trial date to finally arrive. Meanwhile, their business, work and personal life will all suffer.

The amount that bail is set at can vary widely depending on the crime involved. Bail recommendations in Los Angeles can range from $25,000 for perjury, $100,000 for manslaughter and $1,000,000 for kidnapping with intent to rape. While those who are well off may be able to afford to post their own bail for the entire amount a judge sets, most people will have much difficulty coming up with cash in the thousands or millions of dollars.

That’s where bail companies like Venice Bail Bonds enter the picture. The arrested party pays a percentage of the total bail that’s due and offers collateral to the company. Bail companies promise the courts that the people they work with will make their court date. Insurance companies issue a "surety bond" to the company, which pays the bail amount in full in the event the person doesn’t make their court date.

When selecting a bail bond company, remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Pick a bail bond company, like All American Bail Bonds, which will treat you with respect and answer all your questions.